hair colour for your skin tone

Having the best hair colour is necessary and for that, you need to pick hair colour for your skin tone. With each skin tone, hair colour will look different and some looks best one skin tone and the other skin tone can’t carry those hair colours well. So if you are up to experimenting new hair colour for yourself then you should first determine your skin tone and then buy a hair colour that is suitable for that skin tone from an online store like Megorgeous.

Cool skin tone

Cool skin tones can be determined by the colour of your veins. If your veins appear purplish or are blue
in colour then it means that your skin tone is cool and thus you will have to choose a skin colour
appropriately. If your skin even has a cool tone then it means it has the reddish or pinkish undertones
and that means you will have to go for a hair colour that can cancel the redness in your skin and for that,
you can go for the golden blonde. Or you can also go for warm colours like red and can also choose to
become a natural brunette.

Warm skin tones

Warm skin tone is once again determined by the colour of the veins. If your veins appear green instead
of blue then it means your skin tone is warm and fir that you will have to choose the less warm colour.
You can go for a beige colour or also go for the honey and strawberry blonde if going blond is your

Neutral skin tone

For neutral skin tone, the veins won’t appear or they will be of the colour you can’t quite decide upon,
these skin tones can carry both types of colour options and anything will suit you.

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