Applying Highlighter

Highlighter is the most useful product that gives our makeup a finishing touch and makes you look
beautiful and elegant. Highlighter is used to make the features of your face prominent and make your
features look beautiful and prominent. In highlighters, you can get a lot of colours like pink, white, silver, golden, golden brown, bronze, baby pink or pink gold and many other colours too and all of these
colours are available on the online store so that you can buy the best one according to your need and
demand. The places where to use highlighter are as follows:

On the bridge of your nose

Highlighter must be applied on the bridge or the tip of your nose so that it can look sharp and beautiful.
Under the arch of eyebrows Applying under the arch of your eyebrows make it look more awake and give a decent shape to yours.


Above the arch of eyebrows Using it above the arch of eyebrows makes the shape of your eyebrows more beautiful and gives it a defined line.

On cheekbones

Applying highlighter on your cheeks will help you define the contoured facial expression.

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