Prepping your hair before the hair dye

Most of the people are still skeptical about using the hair dyes and even though a lot of improvement has been made in hair dyes and they are less toxic and more long-lasting. You can get these new hair dyes which are not that harmful to your hair from the online stores like Megorgeous. These hair dyes have less toxic agents and are made by keeping in mind a lot of the factors. Basically, it is the porosity of the hair that determines to what extent that damage will be caused to your hair. If you have never dyed your hair then you have to think a lot before getting a hairstyle but with good hair dyes if you want to try something adventurous you shouldn’t stop yourself from that. Also, there are a lot of protective products that make sure your hair has not been damaged.

Priming your hair

You must be aware of the idea of priming your skin before makeup and that is so the skin gets ready and makeup just adheres on your skin without causing any reaction and that is why the hair priming before the hair dye is for. It is basically nothing and just some regular cleansing stuff so that you can get even hair dye on your hair. Following are the things that you need to do while priming your hair


Cleansing is a very important step when you are dying your hair and that is because you have to get rid of all the product buildup and the dirt covering your hair. If they stay on then the dye won’t be able to reach your hair well and after the next wash, you will see that hair didn’t actually was picked up by your hair. That kind of hair dyes doesn’t last long because it would be all blotchy. So to make sure your hair dye end results are good enough you have to cleanse your hair well.


Moistening your hair as also very important because after cleansing your hair can get dry and brittle and that means the hair is not in the good stage of accepting any further damage which is then provided in the form of the hair dye. So to protect your hair you will have to moisturize your hair and that can be done by the use of a hair conditioner. You dint have to use any heavy moisturizer because then during your appointment the hairstylist will do another wash to get rid of that moisture and that can be quite expensive.

Protect your hair

Since you have recently cleansed your hair but still they can pick on a lot of impurities on the way to saloon and that is why you will have to protect your hair. Make sure you are using silk pillowcases and even are using a scarf and bonnet as a protection so the priming of your hair doesn’t go in waste. You also have to make sure that you d9nt use any styling product because it will be of no use and may even interfere with your dye. So just moisturize and hydrate your hair to a certain level including with protecting that moisturize and other than that no other products should be used.

Why do it yourself

Cleansing and prepping your hair yourself is important because you are familiar with your own products and you know better what is good for your hair. Also, those treatments by a saloon can be very expensive so instead of spending a lot of money you can do it yourself at home.

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