Having curly or wavy hair means you are aware of what having frizzy hair feels like. You can use many different products but if you are not careful about your hair, you will not be able to get rid of the frizz that easy. Basically, having the frizzy hair mostly means you have the damaged hair which means that you have to get them trimmed and remove the damaged hair to avid the uncontrolled frizz. There are many of the other things which cause the frizz and the following are some of them.

Not using the right towel

With curly and wavy hair if you use the terry towel you will be just soaking up all the moisture from your hair and that is what will be causing the frizz. Also instead of that, you should dry your hair with some gentle cloth or towel.

Not moisturizing enough

You should moisturize your hair and eve after that your hair gets all frizzy you need to use the deep conditioner which cam moisturize your hair well.

Excessive heat

Treat your hair gently if you want the frizz gone permanently and that means you should not diffuse your hair using the high heat and same goes with the curling irons and straighteners.

Touching your hair before they are dry

To get the defined finished look you should not touch your hair until they are dry. If you comb through
your hair a lot, they will get all frizzy.

Products with no good hold

If you are using a product that does not have enough hold to your hair they will start getting all frizzy when the product s gone from your hair. So find a product with good hold for your hair and you can easily find one from Megorgeous and some other online stores.

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