Removing Hair Extensions

We all learn how to apply hair extensions and guides on buying the correct ones from an online store
and in doing so we miss the point where we have to learn about removing them. And just because of
that we remove our hair extensions in the inexperienced way which is not acceptable and good for your
hair extensions. So learning the proper way of removing your hair extension is very important and here
is how you can do them.

Removing extensions before sleeping

Before you have decided to take a nap or have returned home at night and are about to sleep you
should remove your hair extensions. That is if you have clip hair extensions on because in lying position
your hair extensions will get torn very easily. But you can definitely sleep in the hair extensions that are
sewed in.

Prepping extensions for the next day

If you have to wear the same extension the next day you should make sure to comb them out and if they
are dirty then you can also wash them before you sleep and after combing them let them air dry the
the whole night and the next morning you will have good as new hair extensions which you can wear it is or can style into curls.

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