Ethiopian butter for perfect curls

Getting perfect curls is the goal of every curly-haired person and long gone are the days where pope with curly hair would wish for straight hair. People are accepting more and more to their natural curls because nowadays there are a lot of the things that you can get from online stores like Megorgeous which you can use to get the defined and beautiful natural curl. But as we know that to maintain your curls you have to use a lot of the products and that doesn’t sit well in most of the hair. Moisturizing your curls should be the main and the most important thing in your hair care routine because if they are moisturized they will look better and healthier and will also look well defined.

Use of other products

Now being a curly-haired person you would know how many of the hair care products you have to use and due to that your curls weigh down and that can be because of the product buildup because you don’t get to cleanse your hair as often as any normal person can. The reason why you can’t cleanse your hair more often is that your hair wash routine is very extensive and detailed and thus is very time-consuming, so if you have been having the problems with your regular hair care products then what you need to do is shift towards the natural options and there are a lot of the components in nature that can help you obtain the perfect curls and Ethiopian butter is one of them. The other products that we use often have preservatives and other chemicals in them that instead of benefitting your hair damages them instead.

Ethiopian butter

Ethiopian butter as the name indicates is from Ethiopia and it is used religiously there. Thinking of butter you might think it will make your hair heavy but it actually is very moisturizing and will leave your curls all new and refreshed. The use of this natural ingredient is better than the use of other silicone and chemical-based hair care products because they are silently damaging your hair a lot. The best benefit of using Ethiopian butter is that it is very cheap and easy to use so that makes it great for use any time you want to. In Ethiopia, it is used in protective hairstyles and it’s also believed to protect the hair from the UV rays and apart from that it has great moisturizing properties that make it perfect for use.

How to use the Ethiopian butter

Now coming towards the use of the Ethiopian butter we must know that when we buy butter it is not in the clear form and has some ghee in it as well and that is why we need to separate ghee from the clear butter. To separate them you will have to follow the following procedure.

  • You have to buy the butter first and you will be glad to find out that you can easily buy Ethiopian butter from any of the local stores.
  • Once you have bought the butter you have to open it and p0lace it in a pan.
  • Now start heating the butter on slow heat and it will start melting.
  • Keep heating and it will start boiling forming a froth on the top and you have to scoop out the foamy substance at the top and once all of it is out you will be left behind with the clear butter.
  • Now pour it in a jar and apply after cooling it a bit. For next time you can get the spoonful out and heat a bit to melt it.



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