Sandalwood oil for your hot oil treatment

There are so many hair treatments and methods to take care of your hair and you can find the products fro it from any local store or the online stores like Megorgeous. Taking care of your hair does require some time but it is not difficult at all because now you get the formulated products that you, have to apply on your hair. In the past, you will have to prepare your products on your own like we do indifferent DIY methods at home and we all know how much work and effort that requires and which is also why we prefer going for the already formulated products. These treatments that start for your hair also include a hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatment is the treatment for your hair in which you apply the hot oil to your hair and it absorbs better in your hair and skin. Basically, this method is used so that better absorption of the oi can take place. You can do this treatment by preheating some of your oil and you can also heat it in your palms by rubbing them together with oil then preheating and when due to friction the oils start to heat up you can apply it on your hair or scalp. Most of the essential and other types of oils are used for this purpose and you can use almost any oil for this hot oil treatment.

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is an oil whi9hc is used in a pot of Ayurveda treatments which is most common in the south Asian countries. This oil as it applies in the cosmetics, fragrances and even in mediation. It helps in meditation because it has really calming properties and it calms down your nervous system so you can soothe yourself. It is even used as a fragrance in many toiletries and as a separate fragrance as well. Basically, sandalwood oil is an essential oil and it is obtained from the sandalwood tree by the process of steam distillation.

Benefits of sandalwood oil

As we already know that sandalwood oil has its applications in the fragrance, cosmetics, and even the health industry so following are some of the amazing benefits of the sandalwood oil

  • It has the anti-inflammatory and the anti-septic properties which prove its beneficial effects on the health.
  • It allows your skin to retain moisture and helps recover drying skin like that.
  • Another allows property that you don’t exactly see in the essential oil is that it helps fade out the scars on your skin so get ready for the flawless skin with the sandalwood oil
  • It also helps in to treat other skin infections like acne and psoriasis etc.
  • It helps to reduce dandruff in your hair and you can get rid of inflammation in your scalp by the help of this essential oil
  • You canals get rid of the sebum if you have a really oily scalp.
  • It adds shine to your hair and helps you get rid of the dryness.

How to use sandalwood oil

Now when it comes to the use of the sandalwood oil it can be used by different methods and following are some of those methods

  • As you already know you can use it as a hot oil therapy and you can also use it in a mixture of some other essential oil as well.
  • You can add it to your hair after the shower along with jojoba oil to add shine to your hair
  • Use it as a pre-poo and massage it in your scalp so you can get the circulation going and can get rid of inflammation.


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