Secret Tips Given By A Stylist!

As we all know that these celebrities help us to feel comfortable with our curly hairs but still we do not know how to manage them and properly style them. All these celebrities and models have hair stylists and they spend hours to make their hair attractive and charming. But as a common person, we don’t have such privileges and we have to do all the styling by ourselves. Now to help us without physically available they introduced us with various hair products. Here are some tips are given by the stylist of curly-haired actress and models.

Brushing And Detangling After Shower:-

The stylists recommend that you should never brush or detangle your hair after the shower. They claim that many curly-haired people commit this mistake. They guide us to detangle our hair when we are conditioning our hair because at that time our hair is very smooth and silky. They also warn us that you should not wash or even cross fingers through your hair after the last rinse.

The Direction Of the Comb:-

The most common mistake we are making is that we detangle and comb our hair in the wrong direction. They recommend that we should comb our hair in the direction in which we want to dry them out. The stylist says that most of the curly-haired people complain that their curly hair gives a flat look from the top and the main reason is that they wash their hair in a backward direction that flattens the hair.

When To Apply Hair Products:-

If you have curly hairs then the stylist says you should not wait too long to apply any hair product. Because when your hair dries out, the frizz will also come back. You should apply the hair product when your hair is very wet so that the frizz does not come back.

Do not Overcoat your Hairs:-

When you are applying your hair products you should keep in mind that you should apply on wet hairs so that it is distributed evenly. And when you apply it first applies it in the backward direction and then you should apply in hair in upside down direction. So that the products are not applied to the same section or side of the hair again and again.

Do not Switch your Hair Products Too Frequently:-

It is the main problem of the people with curly hairs that they want quick results so that they want to get results in only one time. That is the reason they change their products too frequently. You have to use a different conditioner, shampoos and hair cream to know which formula suits your hair but do not change it.

You have to Change Your Blow Dry Routine:-

According to research if you have curly hairs then you should let your hair dry through natural air but if you want to dry them quickly then you should 80% dry your hair naturally and after that, you can use your blow-dry or it is preferred to use a diffuser.

Hair Oils And Hair Masks:-

It is a myth that your hair need oils for hydration because creams and conditioner are a better source for giving your hair hydration. Oils weigh down your hairs giving them a flat look.

Some people forget about hair masks and to give their curls a hydrated look they use various oils such as coconut oil. But you should switch to hydrating hair treatment instead of oils.

It is just that you need a little effort to give it to your hair and then you can feel comfortable in your own style.