The online store provides you with a large variety of nail paint shades that will look beautiful on your hands. But first of all, you must have to teach what colour suit you the best and what colour you will never wear your skin tone.

Pink colour shades

Pink colour has a lot of shades that you can wear, but the problem here is that does it look good on your skin colour or not? if you have darker skin then you can go for the bright and vibrant shades of the pink colour, it will look great on your hands, for medium skin tone you can go for the peachy shades because much light and more dark colour will not look up to the mark and for the lighter skin tone you can always go for the pale pink.

Blue colour shades

Blue colour shades are same as the pink one; for the darker skin, you can wear colours like cobalt blue, royal blue or any other vibrant colour, for medium skin tone you can go for the pastel or any other light colour and for light skin tone you can go with the navy blue colour.

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