Most of the haircare products are those that help the hair recovery and they are in the form o0fthe
shampoos and conditioners that are used as after wash hair care products. Most of the hair masks and
other such products are used before the hair wash so that your hair will be hydrated and rejuvenated.
Like hair masks, there are also some conditioners that you can use pre-shampoo and they will help you
get the soft and shiny hair and most of these products are used so they can help remove the residue of
other products. African Black Soap Clarifying Conditioner is one of such products that you should know about. This product has been produced by the company Shea moisture which is known best for making the hair care products and the shea moisture is the major ingredient in their products.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Conditioner

When you think of the hair conditioners the ones that come in your mind are the ones that people
usually use after the shampoo but this conditioner can be used pre-shampoo and that is what makes
d9ferent. Following are some of the uses of this conditioner that will make you understand what this
conditioner is about.
This conditioner can be applied to the scalp and it helps with the itchiness and flaking scalp.
This will help moisturize your hair as well.
You can also use it to detangle your hair before the shampoo and it helps your hair to stay detangled.
Scalp exfoliators are sent a lot and this is the best exfoliator that you can ask for.

How to use this product

Once you have bought this product from the Megorgeous website you can now use it by following these
 Unlike other conditioners, you have to apply this conditioner t the scalp.
 Once applied you need to massage it in your scalp a bit and leave it there for some time.
 You can leave it for 3 to 15 minutes depending upon which type of hydration you require.

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