je haar manipuleren

Taking care of your hair is important and it is a sure thing that lot of us use different kinds of hair care products that we can get from the online stores like Megorgeous. Especially if you have the curly hair then you also will be habitual of putting your hair in different kinds of the hairstyles all the time. But the thing about over manipulation is that it can cause different hair problems and that includes the major ones of all the hair breakage and the hair loss. So make sure you are moderate about such things and are not over manipulating your hair.

Following are few of the signs that indicate you are over manipulating your hair and should stop at that stage.


Using a lot of the things on your hair can also cause the hair dryness and even the scalp dryness. When you put your hair in the twist outs and tight braids the art of the hair from scalp keeps pulling and that can cause the lack of moisture and even can lead to scalp dryness and dandruff. Even if you use a lot of the hydrating and moisturizing products your hair still feels drier and that is because of a lot of heat that they go through or you use hairstyles which exposes the tips of your curls.


Hair breakage is one of our biggest concern and with other problems like dryness, dandruff, etc. it is bound to happen. When your hair is dry they will become brittle and lose all the elasticity which leads to the hair breakage eventually. The over manipulation can also cause the hair ends to damage and that can lead to the hair breakage too because the damaged ends are quite weak. When you put your hair in weaves or any other such hairstyle the hair gets under a lot of pressure and that can break the hair.


Buildup is another sign that you are over manipulating your hair, when you use a lot of hair products they buildup on your scalp and hair as well and that is why your hair doesn’t get enough air to breathe and also the moisture you give to your hair doesn’t reach them and that can cause the dryness and can make your hair look flatter. The product buildup happens a lot when you have the oily hair and having the oily hair already trouble enough to which we add up increasing the hair care products that are heavier.


Dryness can lead to one thing and that is the flaky skin, if you don’t stop over manipulating your hair at the point where they get dry then the scalp will start forming flakes and if the pores get infected then you may also experience inflammation and dandruff because of some infection. A flaky scalp is usually caused when you already have the dry skin and you add astringents or other drying chemicals like some dyes top make it worst. If your flakes look different than dandruff then you should see a dermatologist or a trichologist so that infection of any skin disease can be treated on time.

These are some of the signs that can indicate the over manipulated hair and if you experience these then that means you need to step back a little and let your hair breathe. This may also be because of the usage of heavy hair products. To avoid that make sure you are not doing a lot to your hair and use the products that are suitable for your hair type.

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