damaged hair signs

Taking care of your hair involves not only using all the good hair care products.  In fact, it also requires you to avoid all the harmful things you do to your hair. Heat is one of the things that damage your hair the most. Nowadays most of the styling equipment works with heat. When you are ironing or even curling your hair using the heat a lot of your hair gets damaged. Which is why it is important for you to use some heat protectant with it. But the problem is even after the use of heat protectants if you are using this equipment on a daily basis, your hair is bound to be damaged. Still, the better thing would be to use one than not at all. You can find these heat protectants from the online stores like Megorgeous.


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Following are some of the signs that indicate you to stop using heat so much in your hair

Dry hair

First of all, your hair will appear dried and that is because the iron and the curling rod will strip your hair from all the moisture in your hair. Due to the lack of moisture, your hair will also go through a lot of the other problems but the first signs in all are that your hair starts appearing drier.

Less elasticity

When your hair has less moisture it will become dry and brittle and that is when the hair loses its elasticity. So you will observe that your hair will break easily even when you are brushing your hair and that is the point that your hair damage starts to increase.

Loss of shine

Loss of shine is the worst sting that can happen to the healthy hair and that is because when the hair loses its lustre it will start to appear less healthy and nice. If you want your hair to keep looking shiny and healthy you need to provide them with enough moisture and also needs to cut down on the excessive usage of straightening and curling irons.

Split ends

With other hair damages split comes also become part of it. So when your hair is all dry and damaged split ends will start appearing too and to get rid of them you will have to cut down the length of your hair. So avoiding them is the better option if you like your long hair.

Less bouncy curls

If you have curls, they should be shiny and bouncy because that is the beauty of the curls but with continuous heating by straightener and curlers, you want to be able to achieve that. As the hair loses its texture it won’t appear bouncier now and will also distort your hair curls.

Hair fall

Hair falls are the most horrible and the final thing in the hair damage you dint want to experience that a lot. So make sure you don’t damage your hair to that extent. Once the hair falls start you will experience a lot of hair loss. And it is definitely something you dint want to experience.

Harder to dye

When your hair is getting heat damaged, they become very difficult to dye. So you need to take better care of your hair. Also, make sure they are in good health if you observe this sign in your hair.

If you are observing these signs that is because of using more heat on your hair. So you should avoid doing that if you need your hair in good health.

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