Silicon Mix Hair Treatment

Hair is like part of a body which gives a person his or her personality. Different people prefer different hairstyles and this lead to sometimes damaging of hairs. Like for straightening, curling, dyeing or any other style, hair has to undergo through series of process which can be enduring and leads to breakage or other problems.

Many companies have designed many hair products but these are not all likely to provide the mentioned benefits. In contrast to others, the Megorgeous has provided the best solution for all types of hair problems as well as for naturally rough hair. The silicon mix is an excellent hair product which helps the consumers take care of their hairs and manage them as easily as one could.

The silicon mix is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin F. where vitamin C is important to a source of collagen protein essential which is an essential component of hair, it is also an important source of iron which leads to hair growth. The vitamin E is also important for the removal of breakage and brittle hairs. It provides moisturizer to hairs and scalp.

There is also some proportion of sunflower oil and some portions of almond oil both of which give beauty to h hairs and make them healthy. They provide shine to the hair, making it soft and strong. Specially made for people with weak hairs.

For proper results, the product should be used properly. After taking shower to soak the hair with a towel then apply the product on the wet hair through massage. The duration of application of the product depends on the nature of the hair. For rough hair, more time i9s required and vice versa through the average time is 3-4 minutes. After that rinse the hairs thoroughly.


The Megorgeous website provides information about many beauty products to its users which they find useful relevant and to the point.

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