hair colour shades

Being blonde or brunette is your choice and no matter which you decide you don’t have to stick to one
shade because there are different hair colour shades you can go for. You can find different shades in
both these types that would suit you the best. If you are planning to go brunette then there are a lot if
the colour options for you and you can choose any one of them that will suit you the best and that
mostly depends on your skin the and your skin undertone. You should choose the best hair stylist that
can give you advice in that and if you have to dye your hair on your own by buying from an online store
like Megorgeous. Following are some of the brunette shades that you can opt for.

Honey brown hair colour

Honey brown is a mix of light and dark and will look great on all skin types and tones so you should try
this one out if it appeals you. You can check if you like it or not when you see a celebrity wearing it. You
can also find this hair colour very easily in almost all the hair colour brands.

Caramel Color

Caramel colour is another mix of dark and light in the brunette hair colour and you can also find this one
very easily. Moreover, this colour seems like the fine choice for this summer as well as it is in fashion
these days.

Cinnamon brown hair colour

You can get this hair colour done in all of your hair or you can get it as an ombre with the dark brown
colour or any other colour. You can also get that cinnamon highlights if you want to get very subtle

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