Some mistakes that can lead to tangled hair

Being a girl with curly hair you do your best to avoid getting your hair tangled because when it happens it becomes so difficult to untangle them. Having curly hair you must know that you can’t untangle your hair painlessly without using a conditioner or a detangling product. You should definitely get a detangling spray which easily available on the online stores but before you do that you should know what mistakes lead us to tangled hair and why we should avoid doing that. Following are some of those

Not using enough conditioner

You should use as much conditioner as your hair can absorb because the use of conditioner will leave your hair silky and easy to detangle. You should use the deep conditioner if you have the extreme dry hair.

Leaving your tangled hair as it is

When you are detangling your hair make sure to detangle them all the way through because if you leave any of the tangles your hair will get even worse and it will become so difficult to detangle them at all.

Product buildup

Having curly hair most of the people don’t wash their hair as often as they should and that is why the product buildup occurs leading to the tangled hair. This can also happen when you don’t cleanse your scalp good enough or don’t use shampoo at all.

Not trimming hair

Being a curly hair girl you should accept the fact that your hair won’t get so long but still in the effort of getting that people dint trim their hair regularly and that leads to split ends and eventually the dry tangled hair.

A bad nighttime routine

If you move a lot in your sleep you would have noticed your hair gets tangled easily and that happens because of the friction. So it’s better to use the silk pillowcases and also tie your hair in a braid or wear a scarf or bonnet.


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