Some of the reasons that may be causing the hair fall

Hair fall is a common problem these days. It is very often we hear from someone that they don’t experience hair fall. There are a lot of the contributing factors that are causing these hair fall problems. Being a curly-haired person you will be a lot more familiar with the hair fall. Even with all the curly girl hair care routine people still experience this. If you are going through this then you need to up your hair care game. You need to use good quality products for your hair. You can buy all of these products from online stores like Megorgeous. Apart from that, you may need to avoid the habits that have been causing the hair to fall.


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Reasons behind hair fall

You can take as much care of your hair as you want. But despite that, if you are not avoiding the cause it will be useless. You need to know what habits of yours are causing the hair to fall. And once you know what the cause is, so you need to get rid of the main problem. Following are some of the reasons behind the hair fall

Medical conditions

Most of the time if you are experiencing some severe hair fall it can be because of another underlying cause. Some of the medical conditions are something that would be the cause of the hair fall. Different medical conditions result in this way. Some of the medical conditions that result in the hair fall are as follows

  • PCOS
  • Lupus
  • Diabetes
  • Mental illnesses
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Thyroid conditions

So these are the conditions that may cause the hair to fall. This is why you need to control them to get rid of the hair fall.

A lot of carbohydrates

More intake of the carbohydrates can result in the hair fall as well. The high carbohydrate foods will increase blood glucose levels in the body. Sometimes that can result in the hair fall. What you need to do is to balance your diet. You should make protein an important part of your daily diet since it is the major component of your hair strand. There are many other causes of the hair fall as well.


Stress is the reason a lot of hair fall happens. Any other mental illness and stress can cause you to lose a lot of pf hair. You will experience a lot of dryness in your scalp and less blood circulation. This then becomes the cause of the hair fall. The best thing would be to avoid stress and try to calm yourself.

Product buildup

Being a curly-haired person you must be using a lot of the hair products, some of these products are very heavy and difficult to remove. Due to that, you will get a lot of product buildup. This will, as a result, weigh down your hair and will cause then to break as well. The best thing would be to cleanse your scalp well from this product buildup.

Moisturize your hair well and avoid all of these factors to get rid of the hair fall.

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