Some taboo things that are actually somewhat good for the curly hair

There are a lot of the things that are not beneficial for our hair but we still do them. That is because they help us in some way. Same is the case with some of the hairstyling and hair care things that we do. We can avoid them but for the whole, they seem like a good choice for your hair. So you will keep doing what you do but you have to take better care of your hair. You can take the proper care of your hair by using good hair care products. You can get these hair care products very easily from any online store. A lot of the online stores are available these days. Megorgeous is one of them too.


Megorgeous as we already know is an online store where you can buy all kind of hair products from this online store.  You are also able to buy skincare or makeup products. You will also be able to buy the hair accessories including the hair wigs and extensions. These wigs are made of the real human hair too. You can buy anything you want from here at very reasonable prices.  After that purchase, you can have them delivered to your place. The delivery charges are reasonable too.

Taboo but good things for your hair

Being a curly girl your hair regimen is almost different than the others. So you should know the needs of your hair, even of some of the things are harmful to the other type of hair but not for your hair. Even if they do cause some of the damage they are giving you some other benefits, sand some of the people with the curly hair trade in these benefits with the disadvantages. Following are some of the things with their justifications.


We have often heard that products containing silicones are not good but the silicones provide the covering over your hair strand. That means your hair will be protected from the heat damage. The silicones also play a great role in detangling your hair. That is because it has a good slip. The silicones will also help with the frizzy hair.

Sulphate containing shampoos

Shampoos that have sulphates in it are very good for the products buildup. But sulphates are known to be damaging in general and are very harsh too, but being a curly-haired girl you use a lot of the hair care products, that means you will be getting a lot of the product buildup. You can get rid of that by the help of the sulphates containing shampoos.

Not wrapping your hair

Most people protect their hair by wrapping them in a bonnet or scarf. This will give them the friction v\free night and this less damaged hair, but it is good to allow your hair to be free every once in a while. So if you forget to wrap your hair then your hair will be fine because of the need that too.

Using the heat

Heat styling is a guilty pleasure for us all. No matter how much you avoid it you will still be using the heat styling to make your hair look good. A little bit of the hairstyling doesn’t hurt anyone if your hair is in a perfectly healthy state. But you will have to be a little careful about it. You should use the heat styling tools at the low heat so your hair doesn’t get damaged a lot. You should also be using a heat protectant for this purpose.

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