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There are a lot of myths that people hand out to you telling you what you should and what you
shouldn’t do with your skin and skin ingredients to avoid. The sad thing about it is that we follow them blindly without any opinion of experts. Knowing which of these myths you shouldn’t believe is very
important and the following are some of them.

SPF Number

There are a lot of opinions about the SPF and people still feel confused about it. So to let it be clearer
the myth that higher the SPF the better is the sun protection is not true. In fact, the difference between
SPF 15 and the SPF 30 is that the SPF 15 provides protection from 93% UV rays while on the other hand
the SPF 30 provides the sun protection from almost 97% of the sunray. But an SPF greater than that will
not provide any more protection. The logic behind it is that the SPF provides protection to skin only
agents the UVB rays ad nit against the UVA rays so no matter how much it is higher our skin will have by
that much protection. Just make sure to buy a good one from an online store like Megorgeous.

Your lips don’t sunburn

While you apply your sunscreen you neglect the one part of the face because you think it won’t get
sunburned and that are your lips. There are a lot of the SPF containing lip products that can be used
because the cases of the lip cancers after the sunburns have been observed. Hence t proves that lips do
get burned.

Not using sunscreen on cloudy days

Most of the people think it is useless to use sunscreen on a cloudy day but that is not true because of UV
rays will pass through the clouds and can affect your skin so it is important to use sunscreen even on a
cloudy day.

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