Clip Hair Extensions

Hair extension is something that we all love to wear because who doesn’t want a good long hair look.
This type of hair looks even better when you are going to an even and are willing to transform yourself
completely. So if you want to get the hair extensions from an online store you have to make sure that
you learn how to apply them too and that is why you need a step by step guide for the clip hair

Step one

The first step of putting on your hair extensions is that you should have the whole map and you should
decide where to start from. Starting from the nape is usually preferred and is very easy this way and you
can work your way up but not ill the crown, just three fingers below the crown. You can go for the clean
sections as they will not be seen much.

Step two

Once you have selected a clean section you should see where the extension will go and how will you
attach them. These observations are very necessary before you start applying them.

Step three

Now coming towards the application of the hair extension you should first use hair spray on the hair
locks and then tease them with a teasing comb and apply them on and this way clip won’t slide down
while brushing.

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