Styling your Hair Extensions

When you are deciding to get hair extensions for yourself you have to consider a lot of the things and
need to learn a lot about how to apply for these extensions. The thing about applying the extensions is
that you can’t just pin them up and then consider yourself ready because hair extensions need a lot of
the work. With hair extensions, you should know how to style them to make them look the part and
there are some of the other things that you should consider while buying these hair extensions from an
online store and make sure that they match completely but if they don’t then you should know a few
ways to style them.

Cut them

Don’t be afraid of giving your extensions a haircut and if you didn’t like the straight look you can go for a layered cut. If you are not sure about doing it at home then have it done by a saloon.

Dye them

If you have the human hair extensions then you can also dye them according to your hair color. But
make sure to buy dye that won’t destroy your hair extensions.


With the hair extensions on you can also style them into curls or even the perms.

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