dry skin

As the summer is arriving people with oily and dry skin will busy themselves with the beauty tips for this summer and will find out ways to get protection against the scorching heat and the harmful sun rays but as you are doing that you will also be coming across a lot of the myths. Myths are the facts that people believe without any confirmation and most of these myths are not true and you shouldn’t believe them since they are harming you’re or are not able to protect you better. Following are some of the myths that you need to stop believing as of this moment.

Myths about SPF

The SPF number usually doesn’t matter that much and any SPF beyond the SPF 30 is useless. SO instead
of looking for the sunscreens with higher SPF, you should buy the good ones from an online store like
Megorgeous. You should also know that people with darker skin also need to wear sunscreens and you should wear sunscreen every time you are out in the daylight.

Removing acne by exposing it to sun

It is a popular myth that when you expose your skin to the sun it will decrease your immunity and thus
will decrease the inflammation but that is not the way to treat the acne because that will result in more
dark spots and will increase the risk of skin cancer.

Not using face oils of oily skin

Depriving oily skin of face oils is natural practice and we use harsh chemicals depriving the skin of any type of oil and it will get dull and wrinkly in no time. So make sure you are hydrating your skin no matter which type it is.

Using sunscreen once in the morning

Using sunscreen only once in the morning will not protect your skin all day long because after a certain
a time that sunscreen will dissipate and disintegrate and that is why you should use it again after a certain time.

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