Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions need a lot of the care and that is something that you must definitely know while buying
these hair extensions. Hair extensions of every type either you have bought them from the online store
or your local store need an equal amount of care and that is why we should need to learn all about
taking care of our hair extensions. If you didn’t take proper care of your hair extensions with all the
styling creams and appliances your hair extensions will keep getting rougher and will become
unwearable after all. So here is how you can take care of them.

Take out before sleeping

When you are back at home and are getting ready to sleep you should make sure to remove your clip on
hair extensions because while sleeping you can damage them and they will be torn and that is not
something you want with your hair extensions.

Heat protectant spray

To make sure that your hair extensions are safe while straightening or curling use heat protectant spray
on them before so they won’t get damaged.

Deep conditioning masks

Deep conditioning masks make your hair extensions stay healthy and this way they will always look

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