Tea Rinse method for cleansing

Shampooing your hair is a good method for cleansing but there are some harmful chemicals in your shampoo that can strip away the natural oil from the hair and thus can cause dryness and multiple other problems. Having curly hair you avoid shampooing that much because it takes a lot of your time so instead of shampooing people opt for the co-wash method in which they find some other way of cleansing your scalp and hair. You can use some cleansing conditioners that you can get from the online stores like Megorgeous or you can opt for some method like a tea rinse.

Tea rinse

Tea rinse is a method thin which you rinse your hair and scalp with tea. Why this method is used is because it will add shine to your hair and will also help you get rid of dandruff and shedding. Not only this, but the tea rinse can also help you with the hair growth. Teas are made out of different herbs and that is why some are even better for the curly hair and some help you with your hair color. For a tea rinse, you have to make tea and then rinse your hair and scalp with it, allow it to stay there for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Different types of tea rinses

There are different types of tea rinses that you can do and follow are some of them

  • Rooibos tea has great anti-inflammatory properties and it helps you get rid of it in a very small amount of time. This tea is also caffeine-free so if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother then you can use this tea instead.
  • Rosemary tea conditions your hair well and will help you give shine and strength in your hair.


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