short curly black hair

If you have recently accepted the natural curls of yours it is a great thing to do. Changing the texture of your hair should be the last thing that you should wish for because in doing so you damage your hair a great amount. But now you can look the best in your natural texture by the use of different hair products which you can buy from the online stores like Megorgeous. But before you get into the hair care having the curly hair there are a few terms that you should know

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is a treatment method in which extensive moisturization is given to your hair and it is the ultimate treatment method for the extremely dry hair. There are different types of deep conditioning methods that you can adopt like protein deep conditioning and light deep conditioning.

Pre Poo

Pre Poo is everything that you does to your hair before the shampoo. You can use different pre-poo hair products the purpose can be to give the moisture to your hair or to get your hair detangled before the hair wash and this type of detangling is great for the people with 4C curly hair.


Dusting is the method of getting rid of the split ends but not actually decreasing the length of your hair. You twist your hair and trim the damaged ends that are sticking out of that twist.

Over Manipulation

Over manipulation is getting your hair in a style which pulls your hair. It is not good for your hair and you should avoid such hairstyles.


Slip is the term where the hair is silky and the fingers or a comb slip easily through your hair and ease out the tangles. And you can find such conditioners and other hair products that give an extra slip to your hair.


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