The understanding root cause of frizz

Frizzy hair is a common problem between all the curly as well as the wavy hair. Curly and wavy hair almost go through the same hair problems but in the case of curly hair, these problems are intense. All these problems can be avoided at best when you have the proper knowledge about them. The reason why knowledge is important is so that you can know why is that problem even occurring, another reason is when you know the problem you will be able to find better solutions. You will also be able to determine the type of product that can be used. You can use different types of hair care products for this matter. All these products can be bought to form online stores like Megorgeous.


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Frizzy hair

Understanding frizzy hair is very important before you ca judge into the things that are causing them. Basically, frizzy hair happens when your hair doesn’t have enough moisture in them and there is humidity in the environment. This can destroy your sleek hair looks within minutes. So in order to avoid the frizz, you need to know the cause behind it. Following are some of the things that can cause frizz in your hair


As we already know the frizz happens when your hair is dry. So in order to avoid frizz what you need to do is to use the moisturizing products in your hair. Most of the people shy away from the hydrating and moisturizing products in their hair in humidity. But instead of casing the frizz this will be helping you instead. So when your hair is dry it starts absorbing moisture from the environment and that is why your hair looks so disrupt. So when your hair is already moist there will be no need to absorb moisture anymore.


Another thing that can be responsible for the frizz in your hair is the damaged cuticles, this way your cuticles don’t close even if you have moisture in your hair. This can end up in the absorption of moisture from the environment anyway. Make sure you get rid of the damaged hair often with the help of trimming.


Humidity as already has been established is a big factor in the case of frizzy hair. There is no way you ca avoid humidity if you live in such a climate. You can protect your hair from this kind of thing. There are many anti-frizz sprays that will help by performing as a barrier between the environment and your hair.

Over cleansing

Cleansing your hair is a good thing but you shouldn’t be doing in excess. Due to humidity most, people feel the need to cleansing their hair again and again. This can cause dryness in your hair when your hair strips of the natural moisture. This natural moisture in your hair helps acting as a barrier between humidity and hair. So when you cleanse a lot your hair gets all dry and this can lead to more frizz in your hair. Make sure you follow your regular cleansing ritual which includes only twice or thrice in a week.