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As the field of fashion is advancing day by day they are trying to provide you with endless facilities and comforts. They want that quality is ensured and their customer is satisfied. If you want to do everything on time and cannot wait for months and years to see the result then there is away. For people who cannot wait for their hair to grow at a natural rate here is another treatment provided by the fashion industry known as Hair Extensions. In this treatment, you just have to wait for hours to grow your hairs long. Some different types of hair extensions are described below:

How Hair Extensions Are Made?

Hair extensions are made from natural human hair to give you a completely natural look. While on the other hand synthetic hair extensions are made of various blended fibres. Some facts you should know:

  1. Natural hair extensions can be treated like natural hair as you can dye, colour, straight or curl them. But with synthetic hair extensions, you cannot do that because chemicals and heat damage them.
  2. There are cheap and expensive hair extensions. As expensive hair extensions are long-lasting and sometimes can be reused. While cheap hair extensions can be damaged from the harsh environment like sun or heat or chemical

Loop Hair Extensions:-

In this type of hair extension, the hair extensions are coiled around the natural hair tightly and to fix then they are clamped through metal clips. But everything has side effects such as:

  • The metal clips can move up and down. Some people do not consider it a problem but for some people it is annoying.
  • The metal clips are attached through the heating process then it can cause damage to the natural hairs.
  • When the extensions are tightly coiled around the natural hair it may weaken them and can lead to the breakage of the hair.

Weave Hair Extensions:-

in this type of hair extensions, the natural hair is tied in the form of Corn-like Weave and then the hair extensions are tied through using a thin wire or a needle. Some of its side effects are as follows:

  • Very strong hairs are required because the procedure causes a lot of damage to the hair.
  • If the extensions are too tight then they can damage your scalp or may break your natural hair.
  • Some people feel these extensions heavy and it can irritate you that is why girls with strong hair can go through this type of extension.

Tape-hair Extensions:-

This type of hair extension is the cheapest and the easiest one and it is less damaging than the other two. In this hair extension, the extensions are pre-taped and then your hairdresser will tape them to your natural hair on either side. Then he/she will heat the glued part to adjust it with the natural hair. Its side effects are:

  • By applying glue it will damage your hair and when you remove it even with remover it will break your hair.
  • As heat is used and when the heat is combined with the glue it can be damaging.


Clip-in Hair Extensions:-

Clip-in hair extensions are the types of hair extensions in which clips are attached to the set of hair extensions and it is very easy to use only takes 5-15 minutes at home. It is also the least damaging process of all because it does not involve any heat, glue, chemical or pressure. It is the least permanent type because you can remove these extensions anytime and you can also put them at any time.