Things in your hair regimen that can be slowing your hair growth

Attaining the perfect length of hair is impossible in most of the cases when it comes to the curly hair even if your hair grows well the curl pattern in your hair doesn’t let your hair to grow past a certain length. But even if you can’t grow your hair past a certain length then what you need to do is to retain the length of your hair. You should take good care of your hair no matter what. For that, you should use good hair care products. You can buy these products from online stores or any local stores. There are many online stores available and Megorgeous is one of them.


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Retaining hair length by changing hair regimen

If your hair isn’t growing well to the point where they usually grow then you need to change your regimen a bit. Hair length is very important for most people but they have to trim their hair a lot due to the hair damage a lot. So what you need to do is to protect your hair from all kinds of hair damage. To avoid the hair damage you will have to take better care pf your hair. You will be needing better hair cate products. You may also need to change your hair regimen a bit. Following are some of the things that can help you determine what is stopping your hair from growing well. Or at least you will know why you experience hair damage a lot

Loose hairstyles

Wearing your hair in the loose hairstyle is important for most of the women with curly hair. The reason why people with curly hair like to wear their hair in a loose style is that they like to show off their curls. But you need to protect your hair ends to avoid split ends. Split ends lead to a lot of trimming. That is why you can’t retain your hair length. So the solution to this problem I protecting your hair ends. You can wear them in the form of a bun or a braid. You can also protect them fully by keeping them in the hair wrap. But make sure you don’t do too much of that too.


Chemical manipulation

Chemical manipulation can be the cause of your split ends. The chemical manipulation includes bleaching your hair or color treating them a lot. Even if not because of that you can get hair damage by the use of products with harsh chemicals. So even if you want to color your hair do it with the help of a better cosmetologist. You should also know which chemicals may be causing your hair the damage.

Not using the conditioner

The use of the conditioner is very should, in fact, be the most essential part of your hair care regime. You can use any type of hair conditioner and make sure to use a deep conditioner at least once in the week. So choose your preferable type of conditioner and make it an important part of your routine. Conditioner helps in closing your cuticle and protect your hair well. It also will hydrate your hair to some extent. And all of these things help to avoid the split ends.

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