Things to know about the perming

You want to give yourself a new look and want to change your hairstyle then perming is the best option. Perming does not only give a curl to your hair but it also increases the volume of the hairs. It also helps you to enhance the look of your curls. It also helps to give a new body to your curls. There are different types of hair perms and there are also different ways to perm.


Here are two types of perming:

Hot Perm:-

In this type of perm, acids are used to break the bonds in the hair and then heat is applied. Its advantage is that it needs less attention and it is long term. But it has a disadvantage also that in this process heat is used and it does not give too much volume to your hair.

Cold Perm:-

In this type of perm, ammonium thioglycolate is used to break the bonds between the hair. And then a neutralizer is used to bring the pH back to normal value. This process is good for this who want their perms to be tighter and more defined. Its disadvantage is that there are limited options for such perms but you can change the texture by ironing them.


A hot perm technique can produce different styles of hair. Here are some styles you can opt for according to your choice and face shape.

Body Wave Perm:-

Body wave perm is best for people who have straight hairs or people who have long hairs. In this process, large rollers are used to form loose curls in your hair. This technique can be applied to curly hairs to lock your curly hairs together. Helps to increase the volume of your hair.

  • The little precaution is that you should not use any heating types of equipment at all.

Spiral Perm:-

In this type of perming, the hairs are made bouncy and springy. This technique is useful for short hairs like neck length. This cold technique is used and because of the cold procedure, the perms are very defined. These types of perms do not require too much attention and they get loose over time.

Spot Perm:-

Spot perm is used to perm the specific area of the hair it is mostly done by the people who think that their curls are uneven or their hair changes direction abruptly. It also helps to increase the volume of only in specific areas.

Root Perm:-

Root perm is used to perm only the roots of the hair. It is also the form of spot perm. This type of perming is done on already permed hair. Because after 4-5 months when your natural hairs come back then you need to again perm the roots. Some people who have extremely straight hairs also love root perms because it gives a kind of lift to their hairs. As this procedure is done on roots that’s why the only cold procedure is used. It does not require too much attention.

Multitextured Perms:-

The hot procedure is used in this type of perm and in this way hairs are permed in an uneven manner no rollers are used. In some areas, curls are tighter or at another the curls are loose. To give your perms a well-defined look you need a professional to do this job. This type of perming is useful for medium or long hairs.

Stack Perming:-

Stack perming is the most appreciated type of perming. In this type, the upper part of the hair is left in the natural way or rebounding can be done on them while the mid and the lower part are permed with the help of large roller of different sizes giving the illusion of layers.