Applying Highlighter

Buying and applying highlighter is an art. One can always feel good while applying different beautiful
shades of highlighter on their skin. There are some of the points that one should always take care of
while applying a highlighter.

What color to apply

The first most common problem people face while applying highlighter is that what color they should
go for so that they can look more beautiful and decent, for that always go with the shades lighter than
your foundation so that you do not look odd. If you have alight skin tone then you can go with the pink
or silver shade on your face and if you have a darker skin tone then you can go with the bronze shade.
You can buy shades according to your need and choice from an online store.

Wrong foundation

Most of the people say that they do not look beautiful after using the highlighter, but do not consider
how to apply it in the right way and what type of foundation they should go for. If you are using the
liquid foundation then never use a powder highlighter on it and if you are using powder foundation then
never use a liquid highlighter on it.

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