Applying highlighter is the most important part of the makeup. But the most important thing here is that what things one should never do so that they can look more appealing after using their highlighter. For that the first thing you must have to do is that buy the best quality highlighter from an online store so that it can go great on your skin. The things you should never do while applying highlighter are as

Never use too much

From the name, we can see that it is used to highlight the basic parts of your face so that your features
can look more appealing and beautiful. But most of the people made mistake here that they use
highlighter on all over their face which gives extra shine and makes your face look odd.

Selection of shades

The selection of the shades of highlighter is the most important thing to do, one must never go with the
shade of highlighter that is darker from the color of your foundation otherwise your face will look like a
ghost. So always try to buy and apply the lighter shades from your skin tone so that it can go well with
your makeup.

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