Things your flat iron should definitely have

Everyone uses the flat iron and if you have curly or wavy hair you use it more than the others even though flat iron comes with the heat damage to your hair you still can refuse the use of them. But nowadays there are different techniques that allow you to experience less and less damage while using a flat iron. You can even revive your heat damaged hair or can just protect them.t that is usually done by using different products. You can buy such products from online stores like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is an online store that allows you to purchase all kind of hair products, you can buy the hair care and even the heat protectant products from this store. All the products are of good quality and are up to the standards. All of these qualities help to keep your hair safe from the heat damage. You will be able to find some of the renowned brands from this online store. Another great thing is that you can make the purchase and then have it delivered. This means you have to put less effort into buying products from your hair.

What should be in your flat iron?

As you already know that no matter how bad heat styling is it is irresistible. So if you are going to use a flat iron you better buy the one with all the good qualities. These qualities sometimes help us achieve better results, they also offer less damage to your hair as compared to the other flat irons. Following are some of the things that your flat iron must definitely have

100% ceramic

As you know most of the flat iron has a ceramic coating on it. Some of the cheap brands have the poor coating which wears off after some of the use and that way your hair is exposed to the metal. The direct contact of the metal can damage your hair a great deal. So if you want to protect your hair you better fond the one with 100% ceramic coating.

Addition of the tourmaline

The addition of the tourmaline is also very important these days. Basically, the tourmaline will release the negative ions and will neutralize the positive charge on your hair. This way the cuticles will close sealing in the moisture in the hair. Your hair will be experiencing less damage this way. So make sure to buy one which has the addition of tourmaline in it.

Temperature switch

With the help of the ability to change the temperature, you can adjust the heat according to your hair. If you have thinner hair you should be using less heat ion your hair. As compared to that the thicker hair can easily tolerate high heat and may straighten best at that heat. So make sure who9ch heat suitable for your hair type. You should always use moderate heat for your hair and if you feel that the amount of heat you are using is damaging you should change the setting to low.

Smaller plates

You should better use the smaller pates instead of the bigger ones. When you are straightening your hair you need to straighten from the roots to the tips. With the larger plates, it can’t be done right and even trying to make it happen you end up using a lot of heat. This way you will be damaging your hair with all that heat. So it’s better to use a hair straightener with smaller plates of you need the precision. This may take more time than usual but can avoid all that damage.


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