Thinning hair and the reasons behind them

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Reasons behind hair thinning

There can be a lot of the reasons behind the hair thinning. But most of the time the hair thinning is hereditary. But sometimes it can also be because of the carelessness when it comes to your hair. Better care of your hair, following are some of the reasons which can be causing hair thinning

Tight hairstyles

The tight hairstyles that are pulling at your scalp can result in the thinning g edges. It happens in most of the cases with the protective hairstyles. So make sure not to wear these hairstyles for too long. You can avoid getting your hair from thinning around the edges of you stop wearing your hair this way all the time. Letting your hair breathe by letting them lose is very important.

Leaving chemicals for too long

Leaving the hair chemicals in your hair for too long can also result in the thinning hair. Being someone with curly hair you can have to use a lot of hair products. But make sure not to leave the products with the strong chemicals in your hair for too long. You can use the natural ingredients in your hair if you have to leave them in for too long.

Protection of hairlines under wigs

Wigs are a lot in fashion because you can hear them and can have an entirely different hairstyle. But the problem with wearing a lot of the hair wigs is that it affects your hairlines. Most of these wigs are heavy and can be rubbing in on your hairlines. So make sure you have your hairline protected well. If you wear a wig a lot make sure it is not too tight towards your hairline. Also, try to avoid wearing it too often.


Sometimes the infection of the scalp can also use you to lose hair. So if you are going through any such infection make sure you heal better and well. You should at first shouldn’t be getting g any such infections. You can avoid these infections by cleansing your hair properly. Most of the people don’t cleanse their hair more often due to which the product buildup gets to the hair follicles and thus will cause the infection and thus inflammation. This effect mostly in your hairline.

So these are the reasons and how you should be avoiding getting your hairline from thinning. You should massage your hair scalp often so that it gets the proper blood flow there. You should avoid wearing caps a lot or anything that is rubbing on your hair scalp. Try to moisturize your hair scalp more often so your hair is healthy enough. These are the things you can do to avoid thinning your hair.

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