Eyebrows are the first thing that needs to be done when you are doing your makeup and that tells us
how important they are. Having the perfect eyebrows is very important to complete the look and to get
perfect eyebrows you will need a lot of the practice. But there are few tricks and tips that can help you
attain the perfect eyebrows and these are as follows.

Finding the perfect shape of eyebrows

To get the perfect shape of the eyebrows you need to match it with your face shape. Like if you have the
long face then you should have the shorter brow, the round face should have the good arch and oval
face should have the thicker brows. With heart-shaped face, your eyebrows should be round and should
be neither too thick nor too thin.

Outline before

Before you start plucking your eyebrows you should outline and fill them with a brow pencil so
everything outside of the line will be plucked completely and will give you the perfect shape.

Thumb rule

With the use of your thumb, you can determine where your eyebrows should start and that should be in
a straight line to your nostrils. If not that there are also some stencils available le to get it done in the
right shape and they can be bought from an online store.

Us of mirror

Use a good mirror and also keep checking from distance to see how your eyebrows are coming out.

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