Tips on brushing out curly hair

People with curly hair often bother not to brush their hair at all but that is not good as while you brush or comb your hair your scalp gets blood flow going through it. And when you don’t brush your hair the hair that you have shed remains in there and thus cayuse your hair to get even more tangled. Brushing out type 3 and 4 curls may be difficult but with the right products, you can do it well and you can buy these products from the online stores like Megorgeous. Following are the few tips that will make the detangling easy for you

Start with shampoo and conditioner

When you are detangling your hair you can start detangling them while shampooing and the conditioner as well. With the help of shampoo and conditioner you will be able to get most of the knots out and the rest you can brush it out using the detangling products and leave-in conditioners. These products make your hair slippery and soft and thus it becomes easy for you to detangle them. If you have extremely curly and kinky hair them you might even consider detangling them before shampooing by the help of some oils and other such products and definitely if they have been in a protective style for too long.

After detangling

Once you are done detangling you can use other products and most important is moisturizing them so that they will remain softer. And even when you are getting them in some sort of protective style make sure to moisturize them well because curly hair is easier to break and thus you can experience a lot of the damage done during the styling of your hair. You can also add any emollient product in your hair so that you can get some extra slip in your hair.



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