detangling 4C hair

Detangling curly hair can be very difficult and how difficult can it depend on the type of hair. If you have extremely curly hair that means you have the type 4C hair and that hair has very small ringlets and are kinky hair. Managing them can be very difficult especially if you do not detangle them more often because that will eventually turn into the hair loss which then becomes very painful to detangle and you have to use different detangling products in them which you can buy from the online stores like Megorgeous. Following are some of the tips on detangling these types of curls

Divide your hair into sections

Dividing your hair into sections is very important. This way you detangling comb won’t get stuck up in the nest of your hair in smaller sections are easy to deal with and all you have to do is apply the lubricating or detangling product on it and them start combing the tangles out from bottom to top.

Start with stretched out sections

Start detangling from the stretched out section because this way you will get larger portion done soon and won’t get too frustrated by detangling sooner. You also need to be patient when detangling your hair and treat each section with proper care so you won’t experience any breakage.

Emollient based product

You should get an emollient based product for your hair so that you can add a little extra slip to your hair and this will make detangling so much easier for you.

Use your fingers

There is one thing even better than the wide-tooth comb and that is your fingers. With the help of your fingers, you can ease out the bigger knots and can get the detangling process even easier for yourself.


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