Hair extensions are better when they look realistic and when you buy even the natural human hair
extensions they will have the artificial shine or coatings on out that will make them look unnatural. Hair
extensions can be easily transformed into natural looking hair. You hair extensions should mingle right
into the natural hair of yours. You can transform the hair extension you bought from an online store by this method and this should be performed only on the natural human hair extension. Here is how it is done.

Boil water

You should start by boiling water in a kettle and then take a metal, bowl and pour the boiling water in it.

Dip the extensions

Now dip the extension in that bowl and do it one or more times until the extensions are completely


Now once you are done with that wash the extensions in the sink with cold water. And using a wide
tooth comb makes sure to get your extensions untangles gently.

Don’t be shocked when you see white fluid running out in the case of the blonde extensions. Thus all
these extensions will look just like your original hair and no one will notice a thing. Also, don’t do this
process if you have bought synthetic extensions from an online store or local store.

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