Treatments for your Curly Hairs

With the advancement in the fashion industry, the main focus of the people is on hairstyling, colour, texture, and the most important look. A decade ago, hair treatments were introduced so that we can have the hair texture as we want. But after very long research it was proved that these hair treatments are toxic to your health. It is the same situation as with the smoker who knows the drastic effects but still does it. Many low-level companies introduced their hair treatments without knowing the side effects of the treatments. Now the competition between hair product brands is that they are trying to make safer products.

Megorgeous Brand:-

Megorgeous Brand has medically proven hair products and they have the least side effects on your hair and health. Their motive is to make you feel that you don’t need an expert to take care of your hair. They have a variety of products for the texture and your curl patterns. This brand ranks its products based on its customer’s review.

The Selection!

It is the most difficult decision for women because they don’t know if they change the texture will it suit them or not. The real problem is for women having curly hairs because they don’t know that:

  • If straight hair will suit them?
  • Should they go for protein or keratin treatment to make their curls look healthier?
  • They also think that they can leave their hair natural without any treatment.

Complete hair straitening treatments:-

The wish of every girl is that she wants completely straight hair or they will also call it dead straight hair. There is the number of hair treatments available to make your hair permanently straight such as:

  • Hair Relaxing is the treatment where high heat and chemicals are used to break strong bonds in your hair so that hairstylists can mould your hair according to your choice.
  • Its advantage is that you can style as much as you want. No doubt, dead straight hair look elegant.
  • Its disadvantage is that so much heat and chemicals may weaken your hair.
  • Hair Rebinding is the procedure when a relaxant softener is used to break the natural texture of the hair and then neutralizer is used to re-bond the structure again.
  • Its advantage is that it gives straight, sleek and shiny hairs.
  • Its disadvantage is that extensive use of chemicals may irritate or inflame your scalp.

Treatments for healthy hairs:-

As the trend of curly hair is increasing now people are trying to enhance the look of their curly hairs just to make them more attractive and pleasing. Following are some of the hair treatments:

  • Keratin Treatment is used to give enhanced look to your hair in this treatment a natural protein known as keratin is used with a hot iron to seal the keratin in the hair.
  • Its advantage is that is healthy and good for your hair and you can do it more often than any other treatment.
  • Its disadvantage is that extra heat may damage your hair.
  • It is plus point is that it is the safest one.
  • Protein Treatment is done to make your hair thick, elastic and repair damage and prevent hair breakage.
  • The advantage of protein treatment is that it is very beneficial for hairs on which harsh treatment is done. It nourishes the hair it retains its texture and strength.
  • The disadvantage of protein treatment is that you may have allergic reactions, can cause cough and it can also cause itchy eyes and irritation in the throat.

Point To Ponder:-

The positive side is that you have the facility and you have the opportunity to make your hair according to your choice.