Beauty Blenders

The beauty blender is not only in the trend but they are a great use for the makeup addicts. With the help of a good beauty blender, there are no face products that you cannot apply. You need to use this beauty blender for purpose of foundation, contouring and even application of the concealer. Using a good beauty blender you can apply almost any makeup product. There are also some types of beauty blenders that you need to know about before you go shopping for them on an online store.

Disposable beauty blender

These beauty blenders are for one-time use and if you are lucky you can use for more than one time. These blenders work best when they are damp and they have sharp edges that make it difficult for the product application.

Mini beauty blender

These mini beauty blenders are used for the application of the concealer and the foundation in areas like around your nose and underneath the eyes. They can also conceal your eyelids given their small size.

Beauty Blender

The egg-shaped beauty blender that we have seen everywhere work the best when it is damp because then it expands in the size and makes the product application even easier. It is very soft and blends out everything easily.

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