What Concealer to Use

Concealer is a very important part of our everyday makeup routine and it should be and that is exactly
why you should know what type of concealer to use, knowing which type of concealer is best for you
can be done by the help of experimentation and you make sure that you are buying the right concealer
you have to make sure that you are buying the right one. Concealer is very important you have to cover
up your dark circles under your eyes and these dark circles are something that is present under
everyone’s eyes. But you may also need the concealer even when you don’t have any dark circles and
that would be to brighten up the under eye area. Following are the type of the concealers you can easily
find at the online stores like Megorgeous.

Liquid concealer

Liquid concealer is the best because they are easy to apply and it is also very easy to spread this
concealer and if you get to have good coverage with liquid concealer then consider this concealer as
you go to choice, you can apply this concealer with the help of the applicator that is attached to the
a cap of its container.

Cream concealer

These cream concealers are ticker then the other option and you can apply them with good ease and
that is if the concealer has good coverage. This concealer is to be applied with a brush or you can also
apply it using your fingers. To make sure your concealer lasts linger you can wet the beauty blender with
the makeup fixing spray and the spread it under your eyes and this will help you keep your concealer

Stick concealer

There are also some of the concealers that are in the form of the stick and you can easily apply them like
you are applying lipstick. Once done you will have to spread it and using some makeup tool.

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