Types of hair damages and how to prevent them

Damages hair not only looks bad but will also affect the growth of your hair.so what you need to know is what type of hair damage is occurring to your hair. Including with that, you should know what is causing that type of hair damage. We all want better hair growth. But that can only be achieved if your hair is in good health. To make sure your hair is well and not damages you need to avoid things that cause the damage. Along with that you also need to start taking better care of your hair. The better care of your hair is achieved when you use good hair care products. You can find these products anywhere and can purchase them from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Types of hair damages

There are different types of hair damages that your hair goes through. Each one happens because of a specific reason. Following are some of the things that will lead to the hair damage


Hair manipulation leads to more hair damage than you could imagine. Manipulation also involves touching your hair or combing your hair continuously. If your hair is fragile then they will be more susceptible to the hair breakage which is not god for better hair growth. So when it comes to the fragile hair you need to finger-comb your hair. You can also wear your hair in protective hairstyles to avoid any type of tangling and thus hair damage.

Hair dryness

Hair dryness is one of the things that people take lightly but in fact, it can cause a lot of hair damage. Hair dryness is something that eventually leads to the split ends. So what you need to do to prevent that is to moisturize your hair a lot. A hair moisturizer basically is a water-based product that absorbs the moisture in your hair. Oils, on the other hand, are the moisture sealants. They will seal in that moisture but if used alone they would be of no use. If you are experiencing the split ends you should make sure to moisturize your ends.

Chemical damage

Chemic damage basically occurs by the use of the hair dyes, relaxers, and the texturizers. These chemical agents are harsh and will alert the chemical state of your hair including the breakage of a few bonds. This type of damage sometimes can be irreversible. So make sure you are taking proper care of your hair even of your hair has been exposed to this. Especially if you are dying your hair to the lighter shade it will be bleaching your hair to some extent. This may cause a lot of dryness to your hair.so make sure to moisturize your hair a lot before and after using the hair dye.

Heat damage

Heat damage can be very intense.it dries your hair even after the one use of you are not careful enough. When you use heat in your hair the moisture from your hair is gone and it also damages some of the cuticles. So when you are heat styling your hair make sure that your hair has been protected with a heat protectant. You should also make sure that you are styling your hair at low heat.

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