Types of Hair Loss after Menopause

Menopause is the stage in the woman’s life when she stops having her menses and that is a stage after which a lot of things happen. There is a hormonal change which becomes the cause of a lot of other changes and that is why you experience a lot of the other signs of the menopause. You will experience skin changes and even the hair changes. Hair fall is something that becomes a major problem after the menopause and it can get worse in some cases. There are two types of hair fall patterns that can happen to you after the menopause.

Female Pattern hair loss

Female patterns hair loss is also known as the androgenic alopecia and this happens due to the hormonal disturbances. In this type of hair loss, you lose your hair from the top of the head and it graduates slowly to the crown. The hair starts thinning or just fall off and the new hair then grows are
thin and weaker. In FPHL women the testosterone converts to the 5α-reductase and that leads to this.
This also happens because of most women hesitates this from their ancestors.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is the condition in which the 75% of your hair gets in the resting stage and the scalp sheds the hair excessively. This type of hair condition can be either acute or chronic. You can get diagnosed with this condition by getting your hair tested in a laboratory. There can be a lot of different causes to this like the emotional instability and the use of some medication. This may also happen due to less mineral intake which is important for your hair. Both of the hair conditions can be reversed if you take proper care of your hair and moisturize them with different products that you can buy in online stores like Megorgeous.

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