Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are something that every makeup lover keeps with themselves because they make the makeup applications much easier with the help of it. Makeup brushes are a lot of different types and determining the right type along with its use will give you a flawless and beautiful look.

Following are some of the makeup brushes that you can buy from any online store Foundation brush as the name is clear is used for the application of the foundation but there are also different type of foundation brushes like the ones that are flat to apply the foundation on your face and the flat brush that is used to blend the foundation well on your skin.

Blush brush

The blush brush is slightly angled and it allows the easy and smooth application of the blush on your cheeks. A blush brush is angled so that the blush glides down easily and lodge on your skin.

Powder brush

Now powder brush has the dome shape and it is used to apply the loose powder onto your skin and then after your face baking, you can also get rid of the excess one with the help of it. This brush is high in the centre and bristles glider lower when we move to outer circumference and this allows easy access to under eye areas.

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