Moisturizing your skin is very important and should be the prime part of your skincare routine. Skin needs a greater amount of care as it gets to deal with the harsh environmental changes and that is why you need to provide your skin with essential ingredients like the moisture and other important minerals and all can be achieved with the help of your daily skincare routine. Having moisturizer as a part of your skin care routine means that you will have a younger and healthier skin. There are different types of moisturizers that can be bought from any online store and following are some of the types.

Moisture absorbers

These type of moisturizers are those that draw the moisture to your skin cells and let them absorb it making your skin look hydrated.


Emollients are the moisturizers that fill the gaps between the cells with oil or water depending upon the texture of moisturizer and this provides your skin with enough moisture.


Ceramides depletion from our skin will also cause your skin to appear dry and that is why they are used to make your skin appear moisturized.


Occlusive are the moisturizers that lock the moisture in your skin and they feel heavy o your skin.

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