Types of Primer

If you haven’t been using the primer till now then you are missing the most important thing in your makeup. Primer is one of the most important things that will make your skin look smooth and give your base or foundation a soft effect, and will also make your skin nourishing. There are almost three types of
a primer that you can get from an online store so that from now on you can do your makeup in a better way. There are 3 basic types of primer from which you can buy according to your own need and demands, the three of these types are as follows:

Pore less skin smoothing primer

It is the first type of primer that contains Vitamin A and C. after using it you will feel your skin smooth and soft and will feel a single flaw on your face.

Primer with SPF

It is the second for of primer which contains sunscreen effect and will save your skin from sun UV rays. This primer has a light moisturizing effect with SPF 20.

Foundation primer

It is the third form of primer which can be used as a BB cream. It contains SPF up to 15 and is for yellow undertone, which helps you also conceal your eyes.

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