bamboo in the hair growth regimen

Hair length is something that all of us wants but unfortunately it is not possible for most of us an there can be a number of reasons behind this like if you are not taking care of your hair or if you are not using the right hair care products according to your need a type of hair, you can get the hair care products according to your hair type easily from the online stress lie Megorgeous. Now coming back towards the hair growth we know there are many ingredients that can be used for this very purpose but none of them gives the fast hair growth that most of us need. Most of the people even fear getting a haircut and even a trim because they think their hair won’t grow back to the present length and that is why they have to face different hair problems.

Hair growth

You can use multiple products and hair oils for this purpose. There are scalp products and treatments available for the better growth of your hair and there is also some hair product for this very reason. You can try pout different things but if you are looking for the fast hair growth the there is one plant in nature the constituents of which can give you that and the name of the plant is Bamboo.


Bamboo usually is not used much in hair and skin care products but its function in hair growth is amazing and it also has many other benefits to it. Bamboo extract basically has the most silica in it and we can obtain almost 70% of silica from it. Silica is a component like silicone but it has oxygen in it. Now as we all know bamboo can itself grow very tall and it can grow up to few centimetres within a day and that is what lead to the interest in finding out its use in hair growth.

Benefits of bamboo extract

Following are some of the benefits of the silica which is the important constituent in the bamboo extract

  • The first and main use is that it helps in the better and speedy growth of the hair, unlike any other natural ingredient.
  • It will also decrease the hair shedding and that means less hair loss.
  • Your hair will become thicker and more elastic which explains the less hair loss as well.
  • It will improve the look of your healthy hair and will make them look healthier instead.
  • It also allows you to get rid of the split ends temporarily.
  • It helps the hair growth by providing the essential minerals to the hair follicles.
  • The bamboo extract will also add the shine and lustre to your hair and that is how it will make them look healthier and better.

How to use bamboo

Now we know all the benefits of bamboo it has on the better health and growth of your hair so now comes the question of its usage. You have to use the bamboo by consuming it, you can take bamboo in the form of the bamboo leaf tea, bamboo vegetable and even in the form of the bamboo supplements. You can easily get these from any of the local stores and once you do you have to make sure to use it regularly and in few days you will see a noticeable difference in the hair growth and less hair shedding. Bamboo leaf tea is the best and effective way to consume it, it not only has its effect on the hair but on the body as well and the bamboo vegetable is rich in fibre and less in calories.

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