using coconut oil on hair

When it comes to protecting your hair or giving your hair the good hydration, there are many things found in nature and coconut water is one of them. We are all aware of the use of coconut oil for the hair but the use of coconut water is new for us. Spoke people don’t think they use of coconut water is good but in fact, it is. Coconut water without additive sugars can do well for your hair and you can buy it from the online stores like Megorgeous.

Coconut water

Coconut water basically consists of all sorts of vitamins, minerals and have sugar in it too. The reason why you can use the coconut water in your hair is that it has amazing hydrating properties and if you have extremely dry curls then you need to use this coconut water in your hair. Another property of the coconut water that makes it ideal for the use is that it has great anti-fungal properties. When you are buying the coconut water you have to make sure that it is sugar-free because if sugar is added to it and then to your hair, it will dry out and it will make them all sticky, the natural sugars present it may still cause stickiness but it won’t be much.

How to use coconut water

Coconut water is very easy to use you can use it as a conditioner as well as the leave-in conditioner. You can wash your curls with it and rinse it off after a minute or you can just spray the light amount on your hair and that will give your curls some shine and hydration. Also, it is very lightweight so that means it will not even hold down your curls. You can also refresh your curls using the coconut water and spraying it on before refreshing them will be a great idea for beautiful and fresh curls.


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