coffee as a scalp exfoliator

The scalp needs a lot of care just like your hair does and most of the people focus on moisturizing and taking care of hair only. There are a lot of hair care products that we buy from the online stores like Megorgeous and thee excessive use and not cleansing your hair better can cause these products to deposit on your scalp and this will not only weight down your hair and will also cause other scalp problems and as a result your hair will have to bear the border of that., so even after all of your hair care routine you have been experiencing hair damage the that would be because of some scalp condition.

Scalp exfoliation

Among all the scalp care routine scalp exfoliation is the most important one and that is because you have t0o get rid of all the product buildup and have to get rid of all the dead cells present in your scalp so that more moisture can be absorbed well in your scalp. Without exfoliating your scalp you won’t be able to moisturize your scalp better. You can use the scalp exfoliator which is available in the market and you can also use the natural ingredients for the scalp exfoliation and coffee is one of such ingredients.

Coffee as a scalp exfoliator

Coffee is one of the things that we can easily find at home and that is why coffee scalp exfoliator is the best choice for everyone because it is easily available for use. Coffee has a lot of great benefits and if still it makes you alert and is a kick start for each day for most of the people. Other than that it has its role in skincare as well. Coffee has constituent caffeine in it and it has its role in decreasing the inflammation and helps in the reduction of cellulite. It is also great for your eye bags, smoothens your skin and increases the blood flow in the scalp. This is why it is used as a scalp exfoliator and as you know that coffee is available in the form of beans but it is also available in the grounded form and finely ground one is what you should use for the exfoliation.

Role of coffee exfoliator against baldness

Most of people fear using the exfoliators on their scalp and that is because they fear that this will affect the roots of their hair and in fact, it is just replenishing the scalp with all the important nutrients and getting rid of any buildup which will hinder the absorbance. Coffee exfoliator pays an opposite role in this case because it helps you fight the baldness. It is done by blockage of the harmful hormone DHT and this way you won’t get bald. And as we know that coffee increases the blood circulation in the scalp which means even less hair loss and thus coffee exfoliator is the best to combat the baldness.

How to make a coffee exfoliator

Coffee exfoliator can be made at home with great ease here is how you can make it.

To make the coffee exfoliator you will need the following ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon of any oil
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds.

Mix all these ingredients unless it firms the gritty paste and of you feel it’s very gritty then mix some more and until the grittiness gets less. Now apply this coffee exfoliator in your scalp and start massaging it in small circular motions. Make sure you are not being too harsh and do it with gentle motions.

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