neem oil for dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common occurring scalp problem and people with dry skin and scalp have to go through it a lot. Most of the time even after the use of all the prevention methods you still end up having dandruff. Even though there are many anti-dandruff products available on the online stores like Megorgeous but along with that you should use some natural ingredients as well and neem oil is one of such ingredients, now neem oil is something that you don’t see often and if you sniff it you won’t feel like using it on your scalp but despite its smell it does wonders for your scalp.


Neem plant has its origin from South Asia and has been used for many medicinal purposes for thousands of years and. All parts pf this pant are used for medicinal purposes and are used in many south Asian treatment methods. All parts have almost the same medicinal properties and are used in most of the health problems either it is a skin infection or disorder or the sexually transmitted disease. Neem oil is something that is used topically in the treatment of many health-related problems and in many skin disorders as well.

Neem oil

Neem oil is obtained from the seeds of the neem plant. These seeds are first crushed and the oil is obtained from it by the cold pressing these crushed seeds and the reason why the healing process is because the heat will destroy the medicinal properties of this oil and following are some of the medicinal properties of neem oil

  • This oil is great for your skin, scalp, and hair as well and because of its antibacterial properties is great against the acne
  • This oil provides the support to your immune system
  • It resolves any digestion problems as well
  • As far as the topical application is concerned it is also used as a mouth wash or toothpaste or is the part of some of those
  • It repels the insect so you can apply it on your skin to prevent insect bites while camping

Neem oil benefits for hair and scalp

Now coming towards the benefits of neem oil for hair and scalp we should know it helps us get rid of many scalp disorders. Following are some of the uses of neem oil in hair care

  • This oil fights the fungal infection in the scalp which occurs most often. It will also help you get rid of the ringworm which most of the children get.
  • It is also used to relieve psoriasis ad dandruff which is different skin disorders but is almost alike.
  • This oil has great nourishing and conditioning properties for your hair
  • If you or your kid have lice in your hair you can get rid of them by using this oil as well.
  • The bad odor may be repulsive but you can use it with some other sweet-smelling oil. You can also use this pill overnight so you can get rid of the smell the next morning by washing it off.

Where to buy it from

You can buy neem oil as it is or you can buy the hair care products containing the neem oil. You may find many of such hair care products from the online store like Megorgeous. Megorgeous is a store where you can get all kinds of skincare and hair care products. Along with hair care, you can buy extensions for yourself from there along with other accessories. Makeup is available as well so you can buy any beauty items from here.


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