There are many different things that can make your hair look better. The natural ingredients show great results and that can be clear for most of the people who have been trying the home remedies for their hair. You can use almost any item that you have in your home and can use it to make our hair better. All the natural things have a way to provide your nutrients. With that natural source, there will be no side effects of chemicals as well. In fact, most of the hair care product that you buy from online stores have some of the natural ingredients as well. That is how your hair shows such amazing results with these hair care products.

Onion for your hair

One of the natural ingredients that will help with good hair growth is the onion. Most people are reluctant to use it on their hair because it has a foul smell. But in fact, it has many great benefits for your hair. Onion has many different benefits for your health as well. It helps you control your cholesterol level. Onion juice is used in many home remedies. Some other health benefits that onion juice provide are that they help you regulate your blood glucose levels. It also treats the cold to some extent.

Use of onion juice for beauty purposes

Onion juice is rich in Vitamin C which helps your skin a lot. Onion is a good source of providing collagen or producing collagen in your skin. So if you want your skin to look younger and suppler you should be using the onion juice on your skin. The role of onion juice for your hair is that it will be feeding your hair follicles and that will lead to better hair growth., de o that you will also be able to retain your hair length.

The benefit of using onion juice for your hair

There are many different nutrients present on the onion juice and that is how it helps with hair growth. It also has the anti-fungal properties so if you have any fungal infection your scalp will be cleared of that. The presence of sulfur in the onion juice is good are for your hair. The reason why this is good for your hair is that your hair is composed of protein Keratin. Sulfur is the major part of that protein. The use of onion juice in your scalp is a great source of nutrition for your hair follicles. This is why it helps with better hair growth.

How to apply onion juice on your hair

The application of onion juice on your hair is a very easy process. The selection of onion is very important because red onions have more benefits because they have more amount of sulfur in it. You can follow the following steps to make sure you apply your hair

  • You need to peel off the onions at first and make sure all the skin is removed.
  • Now dice these onions and place them in a blender.
  • Blend until they are in the form of a paste.
  • Now you can strain the juice out with the help of a cloth.
  • You can spray it on your scalp directly or you can just mix it with some rice water as well.
  • Apply it for 40 to 45 minutes and then wash it off with your regular hair wash routine.

How to stop the smell of onion juice

Onion smell is a little sacrifice that you need to give while applying it. Once you wash it off with a good shampoo you will get r of the foul smell. But while it’s on your head it will smell bad.