You are tired of your daily look and want to try something new then the first thing comes to your mind is hair colouring. The number of brands is providing a large number of shades of colour for hair colouring so that you are satisfied with your look. There are two possibilities for your desire to colour your hair:

  • You want to cover your grey hair or to retain the colour of your hair when they are decolourized due to treatments and bleach.
  • You want to change the look of your hair

Different techniques used by professionals:-

There are many ways and styles to colour your hair and here are some ways for on-scalp colouring of hair:

  1. Highlighting is the process in which sections of hair are coloured with a lighter colour than the original hair colour.
  2. Lowlighting is the process in which a section of hair is coloured with a darker shade than the original colour of the hair.
  3. Splashlighting is a technique in which hairs are coloured from ear to ear in a horizontal manner.
  4. Ombre is the technique in which hairs are darker at the crown of the head and then their colour becomes gradually lighter from top to bottom.

Some of the off-scalp techniques are also used these days to give a unique look to your hairs:

  1. Foiling is the technique in which pieces of foils are used to colour the hairs. This technique is used to separate the hairs which we don’t want to colour and it is used when we want to apply more than one colour.
  2. Cap is used to covering all the hairs then the strands of hair are pulled out through the hook from the holes in the cap. It causes a lot of hair breakage and is used for highlighting short hairs.
  3. Balayage is the technique in which the hairs which are to be coloured and which we don’t want to colour are not separated by foils. It requires more precision and it gives a more natural look.
  4. Tip Dying is the technique in which hairs are coloured at the tip

Sometimes you have to bleach your hair if you want to give your hair exact colour or the colour of your hair is darker than the colour you want to apply on your hair.

Types of Hair Color:


In the permanent type of hair colour ammonia is used with an oxidizing agent so that colour can penetrate the hair and this colour never fades away except your newly growing hairs which have your original hair this original colour of hair is lightened due to chemicals before colouring.


Is the process in which the original colour of the hair is not lightened and it is less damaging than a permanent one? in this alkaline is used instead of ammonia.


Is the least damaging process in this hydrogen peroxide is used. The colour of the hair fades away with time and with every wash and the expected time for the entire colour to fade away is 3-4 weeks.

Temporary hair colour:-

Is present in the form of shampoos, foams, gels, and hair sprays? It is not damaging at all and it is used only for costume parties and special occasions.

 Side effects of hair colouring:-

There are many side effects of hair colouring such as:

  • You may have an allergic reaction
  • Your hair may become brittle.
  • Irritable skin.
  • Hair colours have carcinogens!
  • It can cause asthma due to inhalation of chemicals
  • It is very costly.